28 Thurecht Parade, Scarborough Queensland 4020

+61 7 3880 0300

28 Thurecht Parade, Scarborough Queensland 4020

+61 7 3880 0300

Scarborough Marina | DRYSTACK

Brisbane's newest undercover Drystack


Boating as you dreamed it could be!

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  • No need for trailer or towing vehicle
  • No need for yard or garage space
  • No more ramp stress
  • Complements modern busy life-styles
  • Brings back boating for those living in units or on small blocks
  • Offers easy entry for new boaters
  • Ideal for single operators

The smart way of boating

Request a launch

Request a Launch

Use our free app (or call us) to request a launch

Arrive & tie up


Your boat will be waiting on the water for you.

Boat ready to enjoy


Great boating location. Direct access to Moreton Bay.

Tie up and walk away


When finished, tie your boat to the dock and request a put away.


  • Undercover storage
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Includes unlimited launch and retrievals
  • Rack storage for boats up to 10M*
  • Hull rinse and engine flush service
  • Easy to use phone app
  • 24 Hour Fuel

* Boat subject to inspection and drystack suitability

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What is DryStack Storage?

Drystack Boat Storage is the modern way of boating, doing away with most of the hassles of boating. No more queuing and having to back down busy boat ramps. The service complements the modern busy lifestyle and brings back boating to those living in units or on small blocks. The service does away with the need to own a boat trailer and a heavy towing vehicle. It is ideal for those new to boating and for single operators who would otherwise need a helping hand.

To schedule a launch time, simply use our phone app, or call us. Our experienced staff will put your boat on the water with our marine forklift. Your boat will usually be on the water ready at the pontoon when you arrive. Simply step on and go boating. When you return, use the phone app or again call us to request a put-away. We will rinse the hull, flush the engine (optional), and put your boat securely away under cover.

With direct access to Moreton Bay, 24hr fuel, security, CCTV, modern services and facilities, Scarborough Marina Drystack provides your best boating option on the north side of Brisbane.

Enjoy Your Boating!
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